The family on the farm

EvaLis and Krister live and work here in Smultronboda. Life on the farm is set in several borderlands – close to both nature and city. We live in communion with the animals and work with neighbors and local entrepreneurs.


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We live surrounded by nature. Ever since the earth began to be used the wilderness has been slowly adapted – fields have been created, the forest has been felled and replanted. There is continuous development, but it occurs slowly. We construct new fields, dikes or roads very rarely. Our farming practices are largely the same as our great-grandfathers and the sheep seem to enjoy getting back to the same pastures year after year.

In contrast to the farms slow pace, we invest much energy to further develop the farm's produce. Since EvaLis and Krister moved to the farm, they have built a deli building, smokehouse and farm shop. A variety of unique meat products have been created – some of them have received national awards. In the smokehouse we of course refine lamb, but also pork and beef. Thousands of people meet us every year in the shop and at markets.

We want a living countryside, full of life and movement. Based on long traditions, but with inspiration from around the world, we collaborate with neighbors and small-scale food producers. We are members of Östgötamat and Matresan and participate in the event "Be a tourist at home" and "Taste Tjust". Collaborations with other small-scale entrepreneurs give us the desire and confidence to take on new challenges. At the same time nature teaches us the importance of evolving at a leisurely pace.

We in Smultronboda do things a little differently than in town. You may be surprised – both by the similarities and differences between us. You are welcome to get to know our way of life.


EvaLis is in charge of the sheep's welfare. She makes sure they always have nutritious food, fresh water and shelter. She has "always" been singing in choirs and is currently a member of Edsbruks church choir. She also bakes yummy yummy buns. You can contact EvaLis via


Krister is the sales manager who saddled on to a farm life. He is responsible for further development of the smokehouse and farm shop and work with marketing and sales. For example, it is usually Krister you face in markets around the region. You can contact Krister via or +46 (0)493-710 77.


In everyday life Anders work as a caretaker in a housing company in Västervik. He is also active in the union and one of Sweden's few certified "sheep inspectors" (fårmönstrare). He is responsible for the renovation of the apartment that you can rent.


Anna-Karin works at Arla Foods and lives in Bagarbo in Uppland. She owns, along with Anders and EvaLis, the family farm.

Anna-Karin, Anders och EvaLis


After a couple of years in Ireland Björn is now back in Sweden. He lives in Stockholm and in addition to working as an interaction Designer at SVT he operates Scandinavia's largest orchid website, You can contact Björn via or +46 (0)76-882 15 10.


Asa is a sociologist and is involved in agriculture issues, often focusing on young people. She recently bought a house in the deepest forests of Småland, and will share it with her husband Peter and their Jack Russell terrier Hulda.

Teodor and Elvira

Teodor and Elvira are EvaLis and Krister's children. They live on the farm and attend school in Gamleby. They also help where needed on the family farm.

Parts of the Smultronbodas family tree

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Reserve and get info via Björn on +46 (0)76-882 15 10 or e-mail!