Activities, here and in the area

Both here on the farm and in the countryside you will find a lot to do. Explore our beautiful nature sites, follow EvaLis on fence inspection or take a trip in the district. Well, unless you choose to relax and "just be"...


Whole week: €450
3 days: €250
Day: €90     Book your stay

Farm life

What happens on the farm can not be foreseen. The hay harvest is done in July but which day it happens depends both on yesterday's and last month's weather. Now and the sheep and lambs are moved between paddocks. Sometimes pieces of the farm's many kilometers of fencing need to be reviewed.

If you want to join EvaLis out among the sheep when you live in Smultronboda, we can certainly arrange that. It happens, however, that there are a couple of days where a proper farm activity is not carried out so talk to the hosts when you arrive, or when booking, if you want to participate in a farm activity.

Nature sites on the farm

When you arrive here you will get a guide book which includes:

  • A map of the farm with beautiful natural sites selected and described
  • Map of the village with car and bicycle tours plotted and descriptions of interesting places to visit
  • History of the farm's first 150 years at this location


If the evenings on the farm becomes tooooo relaxing.

Boat rides

Provincial life and shopping

Stroll, look, perhaps buy something, watch some more and do not forget to "fika".


There is much to learn about the future by looking backwards.


If you want to use the club during the holidays, the following golf courses are near by:

Spa & Relax

A facial, a real massage, or perhaps floating for two?


A chance to roll the ball ... often with the ability to combine with food and drink.


Self catering is a great way to live, but sometimes it's nice to let a pro take care of the cooking.

Night club, pub and folkprk

The Smultronboda it's calm and peaceful. Maybe too quiet after a few days? Take a trip to Gamleby (20 km from Smultronboda) or Västervik (40 km from Smultronboda) for various night activities.

Fitness and Training Centers

Forest walks and road jogging are around the corner. If you want to be more advanced, This is available a short distance away:

Reserve and get info via Björn on +46 (0)76-882 15 10 or e-mail!