The fine print

We're glad that you are so interested that you want to read our terms. We want to provide a nice living space and hope that the conditions reflect this. If you have questions, contact us.


Whole week: €450
3 days: €250
Day: €90     Book your stay


You are welcome to book online or by phone. When you have booked you will receive a confirmation by e-mail or telephone. We also notify you via email or phone of any changes concerning your reservation.


You can pay with cash on the farm. We do not accept credit card payment on the farm. Pay when you arrival.

Transfer of booking

You may transfer your booking to another person. Please let us know at the latest on the arrival day who the new guest is. The new guest is of course responsible for any due payment.


If you want to cancel, call us or send us an email.

If cancellation is made because of death, accident, serious illness or other serious emergency such as flooding or fire affecting any of the traveling party or his family any payment made will be refunded less the service fee. Repayment will be made as soon as certificate from a doctor, government or insurance company is sent to us by letter or email.

In the case of natural disasters, labor disputes, extended interruption of water and power supply or other event, which no one could foresee, you can of course cancel the accommodation and the rent for the period you can not use will be repaid, less the service fee.

If canceled for any other reason, you do not need to pay anything beyond the service fee if cancellation is made 14 days before arrival date. If canceled later, a fee of up to 1000 SEK will be charged if we can not find an other tenant for the period you booked.


You are welcome to use the apartment from 15 o'clock on the day of arrival to 12 noon on the day of departure.

For evacuation reasons, a maximum of six people are allowed to sleep in the apartment. The apartment has beds for four people.

Lost, broken and such

In the apartment you have both freedom and responsibility during your stay. If the key is lost, we need to change the locking bar and you will bear the cost. Any damage to the interior and the building that was caused by negligence will be charged to you who booked the accommodation. If cleaning is not complete you will be charged the actual cost of cleaning.

Problems during your stay

If you arrive and find that we do not provide the apartment in the condition described here at you have the right to cancel the lease. We hope however that you want to remain – talk to EvaLis or Krister so that we can solve the problems and / or give you compensation if we broke our promises.

If problems arise during your stay, please contact the hosts as soon as possible so the problems can be solved.

It's self service

We ourselves like to stay in "self service" apartments. There is great freedom to shape ones days as one like.

Self service means that you are responsible for your own food, cleaning, etc. We rent out bed linens such as pillowcases and sheets – contact EvaLis or Krister for more info. An assortment of foods is available in the farm shop. In Edsbruk and Överum you can find supermarkets, see the region guide book in the apartment for more info.

Cleaning equipment can be found in the apartment. Among others, the following areas need to be cleaned before you leave us:

  • Clean floors. Some parts may need wet wiping (it's easy that mud and grass come in from the yard).
  • Clean the toilet, shower and sink.
  • That the kitchen is nice and clean is important. Double check that the stove is clean and that dishes are washed up and plucked away. Extra drying towels are available in the kitchen.
  • We hope that you customize the apartment to suit you. Before you check out, please put back the furniture as they were when you arrived, including to fold up the sofa bed. If you have rented linens you can leave them, folded, on one of the beds.

Take a look around the apartment. Does it feel clean?

Nature and the world is just around the corner

In and around the apartment there are sometimes flies, wasps and other insects such as ants. If you find major insect infestation, please contact us so we can solve the problem. 50 meters from the "big house" is the road that runs between the village and Edsbruk. The amount of traffic is small, but existing.

Reserve and get info via Björn on +46 (0)76-882 15 10 or e-mail!